Frequently Asked Questions

**Concerning COVID-19

Will my 2020 Boston Triathlon registration carry over to 2021?
If you registered for 2020, you will automatically be deferred to 2021. There’s nothing for you to do! In addition, we also offer several other flexible deferral options to our racers. Contact us if you registered for 2020 and cannot attend 2021.

How is COVID-19 impacting the 2021 Boston Triathlon?
We are committed to putting the health and safety of our athletes, volunteers and fans above all else. We are closely monitoring state, local, and city COVID-19 guidelines for conducting outdoor events with social distancing and will work with healthcare officials to ensure we are conducting the event with proper protocols in place.

What if the 2021 Boston Triathlon is cancelled due to COVID?
If our 2021 event is cancelled due to COVID prior to July 1, 2021 we will issue a refund of your registration fee (excluding processing fees) to you. If the event is cancelled due to COVID after that date all registrants will receive a 50% race credit for use in future Boston Triathlons.



Is race day registration available?
No, there is no race day registration. Registration is currently available online by CLICKING HERE!

Is there a registration refund policy?
We’ve partnered with Active to provide Active Refund. This coverage is ONLY available at the time of purchase. Complete information here:

Please note that without Active Refund, no refunds will be granted due to injury prior to race day and no credits will be given if the race is canceled due to poor weather, natural disasters or natural and unavoidable catastrophes that interrupt the expected course of events.

Am I able to edit my registration at any point before the race?
Changes to registration can be made via email before August 20, 2021. After August 20, any updates, must be made in person at scheduled race packet pickup.

How do I pick up my registration packet?
Race packets can be picked up on Saturday (strongly recommended) between 2:30pm-6:30pm or Sunday beginning at 5:00am of race weekend. Registration is located in the Boston Teacher’s Union parking lot. Directions available here.

Can someone else pickup my registration packet?
No, only the athlete can pickup the packet. You need to provide photo ID at packet pick-up.

Can I get my registration packet mailed to me?
Our USAT sanction forbids us from mailing registration packets because we need to see original photo IDs at packet pick-up.

Can I transfer my number to someone else?
There will be no transfers of bib numbers allowed. In addition, please note that no refunds will be granted due to injury prior to race day and no credits will be given if the race is canceled due to poor weather, natural disasters or natural and unavoidable catastrophes that interrupt the expected course of events. Please see “Is there a registration refund policy?” above on concerning purchasing Active Refund at the time of registration.

Race Location, Directions and Accommodations

How do I get to the race start?
To avoid road closures due to the race, we recommended using Columbia Ave that runs parallel to Day Blvd, Farragut Road that opens up to Columbia Rd, Shore Road that has two-way traffic during the race, and DCR Blvd that is open between the Farragut Statue and Castle Island. Carson Beach is also MBTA accessible using the Red line.

Where is parking located?
Both Parking Lot 1 and Parking Lot 2 are located within the Corcoran Jennison lot and are assessable via Mt Vernon St. There is plenty of parking in both lots and both lots easily access the race venue. Please follow all signage and parking attendant’s instruction for parking at race packet pickup and race day.

Where can we stay for the race?
Our host hotels are The Envoy Hotel, The Boston Harbor Hotel, and the DoubleTree Club by Hilton Boston Bayside. All provide special offers for race participants. The Envoy Hotel is centrally located in the city with amazing views of Boston. Public transportation is available to and from both hotels and the race area. The Boston Harbor Hotel offers a luxurious 5-star stay with beautiful waterfront and city views. This hotel is also accessible using public transportation. The DoubleTree Club by Hilton Boston Bayside is located adjacent to the race venue and just blocks from the MBTA train station that offers direct access to downtown Boston. More information on these hotels can be found on the “Race Hotel” page on our website under the Event tab

Where is the post-race after-party?
We are currently working with city, state, and healthcare professionals on the feasibility of conducting the after-party in a safe and socially distanced manner. Traditionally, the after-party takes place next to the finish line in the registration area.

Where can I retrieve any lost and found items?
Lost and found items are available at the registration area.


Race Rules and Logistics

Is the race USAT sanctioned?

Are there particular rules that must be followed for this event?
This event is USAT sanctioned. All USAT Rules and Regulations apply

What are the most important rules that must be followed?
– During the bike leg, wear your helmet with the chinstrap securely fastened at all times while on your bike.
– Ride on the right side of your lane.
– Keep three bike lengths between yourself and the cyclist in front of you.
– Pass on the left of the cyclist in front, never on the right.
– Complete your pass within 15 seconds.
– If passed, you must drop back to three bike lengths to the rear, before attempting to re-pass.
– You must wear the colored swim cap provided to you at packet pickup
– Your bike needs to have your bib number attached to it (this will be provided by the race)
– You must wear your bib number during the run leg (this is not required during the bike leg)
– Personal music players and headphones are not allowed

Will headphones be allowed during the race?
No headphones or personal music players will be allowed during the event

What is the order of events for the race weekend? 
First, pick up your race packet and receive a wrist band that must stay on at all times throughout the weekend. Second, load your bike and equipment into the transition are either Saturday afternoon between 2:30pm to 6:30pm or Sunday morning after 5am and before race start (SPECIFIC TIMES). Get ready to race!

Transition Area

Where is the transition area?
The transition area, referred to as DCR Mother’s Rest, is a grassy field adjacent to the exit of the Dorchester Bay swim course.

When do I need to rack my bike in the transition area?
You can rack your bike on Saturday at race packet pickup or Sunday morning. The space will be monitored and secure over the course of the weekend with access granted to only athletes, staff and volunteers.

How secure is the transition area?
The transition will be monitored by security starting Saturday afternoon, through Sunday following the race. Access to the area is granted to athletes, staff and volunteers only.

How will I know where to enter and exit transitions?
The area is a well-marked flow-through design, where athletes will enter at one end and exit the other. A cadre of volunteers are on-site race day to provide direction and guidance for transitioning racers.

Will I be able to check my transition on Sunday morning?
Yes, the transition area is open starting at approximately 5:00am.


The Swim

What safety measures are in place during the swim?
Athlete safety is our top priority. Certified lifeguards are stationed all along the swim course, both on the shore and in kayaks in the water. In the event a racer is struggling, immediate assistance is available.

Can I rent a wet suit for the event?
The race does not offer wet suit rentals for this event. Wetsuits are recommended but not required for competition.

What is the water temperature most likely to be at the time of the event?
Temperature is usually around 68°F, but please check local weather apps for confirmation.

Do I need a swim cap?
Yes. The race will provide you with a colored Neoprene Swim Cap that must be worn during the swim leg of the event

Do I need goggles for the swim event?

Is the swim a dive start?
No, athletes will begin the swim in the water.

Is any stroke allowed in the swim?

Can I swim the Dorchester Bay course before the event?
While there will be an opportunity to warm up in the water in advance, the course will not be open for swimming prior to the start of the race


The Bike

Can I rent a bike for the event?
Bike rentals are not available through the event, but you are welcome to rent from outside vendors.

Is the bike section draft legal?
All races in this event are non-drafting, therefore there must be 3 bike lengths between racers when riding in line. Drafting is overcoming aerodynamic drag by riding behind another cyclist in an area of reduced air pressure created in the wake of that leading cyclist, therefore staying out of the wind and using less energy. Participants should stay on the right side of William Day Blvd and leave the left side open for participants to pass.

Will there be a water station on the bike course?
There will be no water stations on the bike course

Where do I wear my body race number on the bike section?
The race will provide you with a bike bib number that must be attached to your bike during the bike leg of the race. You are not required to wear your bib number while on the bike

Will there be bike mechanics onsite during the event?
Yes, in the registration area on both Saturday and Sunday, and along limited sections of the racecourse on Sunday.

Do I need cleats/clipless pedals for the bike?
No, cleats/clipless pedals are not required

Do I need to wear a helmet?
Yes. USAT Rules mandate that you wear a helmet with a chinstrap securely fastened at all times while on the bike.
The Run

Will there be water stations on the run course?
Yes. There will be 3 water stations with water and electrolyte replacement drink set up approximately every 1.5 miles along the course. (Olympic runners will pass them twice)

Should I wear specific running shoes?
Specific running shoes are not required, however they are recommended for comfort. It is strongly recommended that you do not wear new running shoes for the first time during the race.

Where should I wear my body race number on the run section?
The body race number must be worn and visible during the run leg of the race.



Is there a place I can leave my personal belongings?
The transition area will be secure and monitored during the course of the race with rack space that allows for gear storage. Athletes will be able to pick up their gear once all bikes have been returned from the course.

What equipment will I need for this event?
A list of equipment can be found using the “Race Day Checklist” tab under Events, or by clicking here.

How many splits will be shown in the results?
Five splits: swim, bike, run, T1, and T2. The official event timer provides computerized chip-timing including individual splits. All racers receive a timing chip.

When will I be able to see my splits and final results?
Final results will be available immediately following the race on computer monitors providing a live result feed set up at the registration area. A complete list of splits and official results will be available online the day after the race



Will there be disabled parking, access, etc. for spectators on race day?
Yes, there will be disabled parking available in Parking Lot 1 and Parking Lot 2.

Where is the best place to watch the race?
Spectators can watch the swim portion from Carson Beach on Dorchester Bay. The bike or run portions can be viewed anywhere along the course.

Can I track the race progress of a friend or family member?
Yes, Live Tracking will be available via a link on the web site.

Where can I meet friends/family once the race is finished?
The final leg of the race will end back at DCR Mother’s Rest Field where participants can reconnect with friends and family before making their way over to the post-race festivities.